Table of areas

společné prostory
common areas
6. NP / floor 3 141 276
5. NP / floor 3 441 277
4. NP / floor 3 438 277
3. NP / floor 3 439 277
2. NP / floor 3 427 277 921
1. NP / floor 1 745 81 853 31
1. PP / underground 1 082 1 345
2. PP / udnerground
3.PP / underground
4. PP / underground
5. PP / underground
CELKEM / TOTAL 18 631 1 163 853 1 505 1 376 921
Upozornění: The areas specified in the table are areas from the time of construction of the building and may not fully correspond to the measured areas of completed building.

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